How to make rain in Little Alchemy 2?

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How to make rain in Little Alchemy 2?

What can you make with rain in Little Alchemy 2?

Combine with Create
air mist
big flood
campfire ash
city acid rain
cold snow
Deity Rainbow Serpent
electricity lightning
energy lightning
fabric umbrella
flour dough
flower fruit
forest rainforest
hill river
human cold
ice hail
lake flood
light rainbow
mountain range snow
mountain river + snow
rain flood
river flood
sickness acid rain
smog acid rain
smoke acid rain
soil plant
sun rainbow
time flood
tool umbrella
wind storm

Walkthrough for rain in Little Alchemy 2

  1. earth + earth = land
  2. earth + land = continent
  3. continent + continent = planet
  4. air + planet = atmosphere
  5. atmosphere + water = cloud
  6. cloud + water = rain

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